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Kate Meads was recently labelled New Zealand's own waste free warrior and is a very humorous and motivating speaker.

Drawing from her own experiences as a typical modern day consumer Kate shares her stories and insights to create a greater awareness of the choices we are making and the impacts they are having.

If we all do nothing because it seems like we are not making a difference, nothing will ever change and we have to question what legacy will we leave our future generations.

  • Motivational Speaker
  • Waste Educator
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Experienced in Public Speaking
  • Interactive and Educational

Professional Development Workshop for ECEs


To help Early Childhood Centres reduce their waste to landfill and work through solutions for the centre.


The ECE Workshop runs for up to 2.5 hours and includes topics such as what happens to your waste (Landfill, Recycling, Waste Water). It highlights waste free alternative products. This is an inspirational workshop to reduce the amount of waste the ECE produces and is interactive with a few activities.

The desired outcome is to have all staff working toward the same sustainability goals.


Reduction of Waste

  • Highlight where waste goes and why we need to reduce it
  • Work through a waste audit with staff to look at the waste they have in the centre
  • Look at options / solutions to reduce the waste streams
  • Potential cost savings on waste disposal
  • Environmental benefits - reduced footprint
  • How to educate parents to assist in ECE's waste reduction goals


  • Highlight the process of recycling and some of the hazards involved
  • Look at the centres recycling and explain the importance of recycling correctly
  • Highlight opportunities to get the kids and parents involved in recycling properly

Reducing and Reusing

  • Look at ways the centre could reduce waste
  • Discuss the options for reusable products in the centre i.e. using reusable hand towels
  • Discuss fun things you can do in the centre to enable parents and staff to rethink waste
  • Accept parents using their own cloth nappies
  • Discuss how this is possible and the ease of use for staff
  • Requirements for parents supplying their own nappies

Equipment Required

  • White board, table and projector screen

For more information, contact Kate via email or phone 027 22 11 242

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