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Nappyneedz cloth nappies

Starting out with cloth nappies can be confusing. At nappyneedz we offer free advice to help you choose the right cloth nappies for your baby.

Nappyneedz is the home of great value cloth nappies and reusable menstrual products. We have a great range of products available and try to offer reliable and easy to use products that are light on your pocket and good for the environment. Our hugely popular menstrual cups and washable menstrual pads are a great choice. Or, if you are looking for nappies Nappyneedz is the home of the ecobots system, loved by 1000's of Kiwi parents and the dinky nappy which is available as a standard one size fits most pocket nappy or a large XL size for older children.

We have over ten years experience of using cloth nappies and helping other parents along their cloth nappy journey. Our own dinky nappy is a pocket nappy designed by us in New Zealand. A pocket nappy with a little extra, the dinky nappy has deep leg gussets to help prevent leaks, extra snaps for a better fit and a wide pocket for easy stuffing. It comes in a choice of velcro or snap fastening and in a range of fun colours. Ecobots prefold nappies are loved by 1000's of parents. Easy to use and to care for, these prefold nappies are a great choice for newborn's and older babies alike.


Menstrual cup

Menstrual products

We stock a growing range of great menstrual products. We have an entry level cup, which is a great way to find out if menstrual cups are for you. We also have the UK made mooncup and Finnish Lunette. Our menstrual pads are really reasonably priced and very reliable. They are a good way of building your pad stash without costing a fortune. We also have mini wetbags and other accessories.