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Little Genie

It all started with parenthood.

Did you know the Little Genie baby is in fact, our little Genie? She is where the dedication to creating eco-conscious baby products began. She is not so little anymore, but our focus on providing products that are as baby-friendly as they are environmentally-friendly has remained the same.

Little Genie is a New Zealand owned company, invented by two eco-conscious dads who spent years developing their biodegradable nappy pants, baby wipes and nursing pads. They were one of the first in the world to use bamboo, which is a natural antiseptic, to create biodegradable, safe, environmentally friendly baby products that avoid the nasty chemicals.

With a passion for the environment, we wanted to do more. So we launched our Reusable Range of Bamboo Charcoal Pocket Nappies, Potty Training Pants and Nursing Pads for Mum and Baby to move closer to our goal of becoming more sustainable.

Our aim has always been and always will be 'Magic for your baby's bottom and the environment they will grow up in.