Swimming Nappies

When my son was 4 months old, we started taking him to swimming lessons. This meant we were using 1 swim nappy per week. Sure that doesn't sound like much but when you consider they only wear it for around 25 minutes it is.

And we thought that if there were 10 babies in the same lesson as Dan for 25 minutes, once a week for say 40 weeks of the year then our little swimming group would throw away 400 disposable swim nappies that had all only had a life of 25 minutes or so.

So we were interested to find out if there were any re-usable swim nappies for babies. So we started looking into it and we found that there was an amazing selection of different shapes, sizes and styles of swim nappies on the market.

The proper swim nappies are made from a swimsuit fabric that allows water to flow through the fabric. The nappy is simply there to catch any solids that could potentially emerge. If any solids escape, they call it a 'CODE BROWN' and they have to clean and treat the pool, which is why the pools require you to have a swim nappy on children under 2 years old.

I am often asked if you can use a normal swim nappy for swimming lessons. The simple answer is no. You can't use a normal nappy as a swim nappy as they have a waterproof outer on them and so they catch the water inside. For example, if we put on a raincoat and went for a swim we would have a heavy weight and quite a bit of drag, which is why a normal nappy is not suitable.

If you buy one for your first child, just make sure you get one that is unisex and you will be able to use it on subsequent children too.

Reusable swimming nappies