Pre-fold Nappies

A basic low cost nappy option

  • A two piece cloth nappy system (3 pieces if you are using a liner)
  • The pre-fold is the absorbent part and the wrap is the waterproof component.
  • Pre-folds generally have extra layers of fabric sewn into a panel down the middle of the nappy.
  • They are rectangular in shape and are generally made of cotton twill


  • Minimal folding - compared to a flat nappy.
  • Single Containment Layer - unless a fastener i.e. nappi nippa, pins are used to fit the nappy
  • 2 - 3 Sizes of pre-fold
  • 3 - 5 sizes of cover - to go from birth to potty


  • Prefold Nappy - Cotton - Indian Cotton and Chinese Cotton
  • Waterproof Outer / Cover - PUL, Fleece or Wool.

More Info:

Pre-folds are a good basic cloth nappy without all the frill’s. They are quite similar to traditional cloth nappies but much easier to use. The nappies are generally fast drying and the cotton prefold is generally quite durable. One suggestion I have is if you have a baby with skinny thighs, I would look at using a prefold system that has a cover / wrap that has a leg gusset to give a smaller fit around the thigh.

Tip: If the waterproof outer is clean when you change the nappy you can keep re-using it over and over again by just putting in a clean Prefold nappy