Pocket Nappies

Fast drying

  • A three piece cloth nappy system (The liner is attached to the waterproof)
  • The Insert / Booster is the absorbent part and the pocket is the waterproof component.
  • The liner provides a stay-dry barrier
  • They are generally synthetic and so most will dry quickly


  • No Folding Required – but you must pop the insert inside the nappy after laundering.
  • 1 - 3 Sizes of Pocket Nappy – Depending on Brand
  • One Size fits most Pocket nappies - are available in some brands
  • Single Containment Layer - so a snug fit is essential.


  • Liner - Synthetic - Generally Fleece or Suede cloth
  • Inner Absorbent Layers - Natural, Synthetic or a combination of fabrics
  • Waterproof Outer / Cover - PUL (Laminated Polyester) or a combination of PUL and fleece / wool

More Info:

Pockets are a popular nappy because once the insert has been put inside they are essentially a one-piece nappy.

The absorbent capacity and drying time is highly dependent on the fabrics used for the insert/s and how many layers can be inserted inside the pocket without distorting the fit around the leg and waist of the baby. Over stuffing could cause the nappy to leak.

Most pocket nappies dry reasonably quickly because they are made from synthetic fabrics and the absorbency comes right out. With pockets, the synthetic liner is attached to the nappy so if you want a natural fabric nappy, this is most likely not going to suit your requirements.

Tip: If your inserts are not dry you can use any absorbent fabrics inside the pocket.