My Vita Bag and the single-use plastic produce bag

Like many eco-friendly business owners, Cecilia Clavijo became concerned with the state we are leaving the planet for future generations through the toxic consequences of convenience. As a mother of three, this concern became even more apparent. After working on reusable produce bags in a university project in 2016, Cecilia decided to take the business model and create My Vita Bag – an ethical company that makes organic cotton produce bags.




When plastic bags first hit the markets no longer than 50 years ago, the issues of disposal and the ability to biodegrade were not properly addressed. This year, more than five trillion plastic bags will be used worldwide according to The World Counts. That’s 16,000 plastic bags a second! It is also predicted that by 2050, there will be as much plastic as there are fish in the oceans. Plastic bags are used for only 12 minutes on average, buy they stay around for hundreds of years polluting the environment, clogging our drain pipes, posing a huge threat to our marine life, and perhaps most frighteningly, working their way into our food chain.


Photograph from NOAA via National Geographic Society


“My children are my constant reminder of the things that gives life meaning and things that are worth protecting.I hope for My Vita Bag to help our planet become a better place for our children to live in today and in the years to come”


Cecilia created My Vita Bag’s to encourage ethical, responsible and conscious consumerism by offering an easy, practical and sustainable solution to plastic produce bags. By creating a product that is as easy to use as the single-use plastic alternative, Cecilia hopes to support and encourage shoppers to embrace a planet friendly lifestyle.


My Vita Bag’s reusable produce bags are designed to carry and store fresh produce and bulk items – each pack contains two mesh bags and two muslin bags. They’re all made from 100% certified organic cotton which is untreated and undyed, meaning that once you’ve fully worn them out, you can compost them! Because they can be hand or machine washed over and over again, they can save around 208 single use plastic bags a year from ending up in landfill, or worse, in our oceans.


You can find out more about My Vita Bag or purchase their awesome produce bags here.




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