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Bitti Bums and the reusable revolution

Shocked at the amount of waste produced by their newborn’s disposable nappies, Karen Dunning and her husband Glen made the shift to cloth nappies, and have never looked back! Now they run the online store, Bitti Bums, which stocks a whole range of products to help people reduce their environmental impact.


Back in 2013, Karen set up her online store selling cloth nappies and reusable menstrual products as part of her mission to help other families and women find the successful with reusable products that she and her family had. Now Bitti Bums stock a huge range of eco-friendly and waste-minimisation products including food wraps, natural rubber bath toys, organic cotton swaddles and blankets, and lots more.


“We aim to provide good quality products with minimal impact on the environment – we’ve used most of the products we stock with our own children!”

Some of the awesome Hevea range of natural rubber products that Bitti Bums stock.


Before the birth of their first child, Karen had done lots of reading about all kinds of baby-related things, and was immediately interested in cloth nappies after seeing how much money they could save. When their baby was born, they used disposable nappies for convenience, but after seeing the amount of rubbish that accumulated in the first few weeks, they were determined to use cloth nappies instead. They found that they were just as convenient, saved them a heap of money, and were so much better for the environment.


The environment and their impact on it was a big concern for Karen and Glen. Having lived in the UK for a few years and seeing some of the environmental initiatives – such as supermarkets getting rid of plastic bags – they were inspired to do their part.

“I believe, particularly as parents, we have a responsibility to try to reduce our impact on the environment to protect it for generations to come.”


Now, Karen handles most of the business side of things, and Glen helps out with packing orders and courier drop-offs. Being a family-run business, they work around their children –  mainly after they’ve gone to bed, so it’s not unusual to get a late-night email saying your order’s been dispatched!


Me Luna reusable menstrual cups.

The number of disposable nappies and menstrual products that end up in landfills and waste-water treatment facilities is fast becoming a major issue. According to Yvonne Van Dongen, in a woman’s lifetime, she could use up to 17,000 tampons and/or pads, costing up to $15,000, and creating up to 140kgs of waste. On top of that, when tampons are flushed down toilets, they can clog up our waste-water treatment facilities that costs the taxpayers a LOT to have removed.



Charlie Banana reusable menstrual pads.

Menstrual cups on the other hand, can cost anywhere from $15 – $75 and can last up to 10 years! Bitti Bums stock Me Luna menstrual cups and Charlie Banana reusable pads, both of which are great environmentally friendly alternatives to disposable products.






Asides from her business, Karen works to make small changes to reduce her waste every day, saying,

“I’ve recently discovered “Goodie Bags” from The Green Collective and love being able to fill these up with all my fruit and veggies at the supermarket now rather than coming home with loads plastic bags.”

There are lots of great brands that make produce pouches out there, and it’s such an easy way to cut a tonne of plastic waste out of your life.


Over on their website there’s a huge range of products and brands that are dedicated to helping people live a life less burdened by waste. At the moment, they’re switching over to Charlie Banana’s new swim nappy designs, so you can get their old style from Bitti Bums at a great discount until they’re gone.


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