Stress Relief in Fiji

Last year was incredibly busy for me with a huge amount of travel and workshops over a 10 month period.

I got the flu in August and ended up suffering from anxiety which is something I am having to learn to live with. After 10 years of full on working and travelling perhaps I started suffering from burnout.

I don’t think many of us look after ourselves as much as what we need to in this busy time of life, I know I just thought I could keep going and going…but NO that is not sustainable over long periods as I well know and understand now.

So for my 40th birthday I decided I would like to go to Fiji. Luckily I had a couple of Girlfriends, Fena and Claire who were also celebrating birthdays with a 0 at the end who were keen to join me.

We flew Air New Zealand (as I always do) to Fiji. Looking out the window of the plane I realised the main land in Fiji was much bigger than I expected. As we went through the airport there was a local band playing music which was lovely. The warmth hit us as we exited the airport and it was so lovely to have gone from Cold in NZ to a comforting warm in the Islands.

We got a taxi to our accomodation which was easy and the driver was lovely. The air conditioning in the taxi was the windows being wound down.

The taxi ride to DENARAU Island was only about 25 minutes and cost us $35 fijian.

We were staying at the Sofitel Hotel. When we arrived we were served yummy little fruit shots while they checked us in and everything was no problem. Our room was not quite ready so they promptly put us in a golf cart and took us down to the pools so we could relax until our room became available.

The first afternoon consisted of us booking in spa treatments with So Spa, laying by the pool, looking out to sea and feeling an instant state of relaxation. We also observed all of the really badly sunburnt people and made sure we layered on the sunblock.

Once our room was ready we were taken up to the room and it was absolutely fabulous! We had our own balcony and a lovely spacious room. The rooms are a bit older than some of the hotels I have stayed in but it felt authentic and comfortable.

I spent my mornings sitting on the beach with my feet in the sand feeling very grounded and talking to the staff who clean up the beach every day. I was astounded at the amount of plastic containers that wash up on the island beaches every day, which makes me want to go back on more of a working trip to do some looking into helping reduce waste on the islands, but a lot of it was quite old so potentially it may have travelled the oceans until it came to rest on the beaches in Fiji.

We spent our four days at the spa, taking a tour around Nadi, resort hopping on the Bula Bus and by the pool drinking cocktails…oh and we went for a JetSki tour for an hour up the coast….I had my own Jet Ski and Fena and Claire shared. At one point they stopped and we all went back to see what had happened and they had fallen off and were having an impromptu swim.

The spa was amazing and the staff there were so friendly and accommodating! The staff who did the pool side service were lovely, chatty, remembered all of our names and waited on us constantly.

We spent our evenings dining at the amazing resort restaurants, watching movies by the beach and dancing to a DJ in the pool….he wasn’t in the pool but we were.

The Sofitel is very proud of their waste management and have dedicated areas in the hotel where they sort all of the waste to help protect their island for the future. When i was talking to the manager he said they are getting stainless steel straws for the resort to eliminate the straw waste which I was really excited about.

All in all my holiday to Fiji was amazing! I was relaxed the whole time, my anxiety disappeared for the entire week and all of the staff and people of Fiji were amazing!!! I was still on my waste watching journey but I felt so excited that the Sofitel were taking waste seriously.

Nothing was ever a problem, the Fijian people are so happy and Fiji time is something that you embrace.

When we all got in the taxi to go to the airport, none of us wanted to leave…A sign of a truely great holiday…

Thank you Fiji for a wonderful trip and a true time of reflection and relaxation….I will be back again soon, with my family next time.

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