27 Oct


After the birth of her first child, Kelly-Jo Sweeney struggled to find a range of affordable and reliable cloth nappies in New Zealand. So, in 2010 she began designing and sewing her own cloth nappies for her growing family, and from there, Nappyneedz was born.

26 Oct

Kai Carrier

With the help of her three kids, super-mum Kylie Matthews founded, owns, and operates Kai Carrier – a company that manufactures reusable food pouches designed to make feeding on the go easy and waste free.

17 Oct


Lessening your environmental impact can seem daunting when you realize the full extent of it, but it can be as easy as buying a different laundry detergent! Brands like Ecostore have already done the hard work, now it’s just up to us to change our buying behavior.